Maschinenwerk 2000, C.a.

With more than 15 years of experiencie, we work on the representation of specialized industries in the detection of contaminants and checkweighting for the food, pharmaceutic and fabric industries. So as dedusters, blisters, tabletting for pharmaceutic industries.

The venezuelan industry sector and the Caribbean Islands had been in constant development, always searching new advanzed technologies and high quality, so their machines requirements have to be covered by equipments with the highest technology, great quality and vanguard designs.

Our Specialty

The food and medicines quality has as object not only de sanitary cualities but also the traceability of medicines and food while the industry processes which goes from their recolection till the arriving to the final consumer. in MaschinenWerk 2000, C.A. we help your food or pharmaceutic industry to be the best with the manufacture of its products with the machines for:

Our Products


The Loma CW3 checkweigher design minimises vibration and enhances accuracy. Whatever your requirements, we have a model to suit. By networking these devices, we have succeeded in placing the checkweigher at the centre of the production environment, making it a source of information, which can help improve your company’s bottom line. The CW3 will easily withstand real-world production line conditions and the intensive cleaning processes needed to maintain hygiene standards..

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